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About Us

Hanger Classics offers an attractive solution for an organized closet. At Hanger Classics we know that quality hangers are the foundation of any well-organized closet. We pride ourselves on balancing style with practicality. Our hangers will add beauty, grace, and functionality to your closet. No more lost time searching for that favorite shirt. It’s all there right before your eyes with unified hangers. You’ll appreciate the way they’ll make all of your clothing visible and easily accessible. Hanger Classics offers a large array of hangers that are not only functional, but also highly decorative. Our collections will update your closets with timeless style. Choose from any of our various collections to pamper your garments in luxury. Brilliant, smooth finishes will prevent snags and easy curves will preserve your garments’ shape. Our collections offer all types of hangers that will accommodate all of your wardrobe needs. Season after season you’ll enjoy the closet of your dreams. Getting dressed each morning will truly become a joy and your closet will have never looked so good!